Friday, 9 November 2012

How it all began...

My journey began in May 2010 when I had my first orthodontic appointment at the Dental Hospital in the CUH. I was ridiculously excited at the thought of getting a perfect smile. I figured two years in braces and bingo smile for life. My bubble was quickly burst when I was told the only way to fix my teeth involved surgery with a name that made me want to jump off the seat and RUN…. I was thinking no no no no no no, yet on September 9th 2010 I found myself laying on a day surgery bed waiting to have 3 wisdom teeth and my two lower 4s removed. Luckily I can’t find the post op photos so no nightmares for you tonight. I was under aesthetic so felt nothing, woke up wondering if they had even done the surgery. I recovered really quickly and the 80 pills in one week helped.. A LOT. To scale the pain I felt on a 1-10 (one being no pain) it was a 2. To scale the discomfort on a 1-10 I’d say 7. I had a lot of swelling but only little bruising. The thing I dreaded the most was brushing my teeth but it wasn’t too bad after the first time.  By day 5 I was back to myself again.

I thought this would be it in regards to removing teeth however in July 2011 I had to get my 2 upper 5s removed at my local dentist (who is AWESOME at what he does). I was worried about two gaping gaps in my teeth but in fact they were not noticeable. I did suffer dry socket which normally only smokers get and that was the worst part of any of my treatment so far luckily though I got it cleaned out and a dose of antibiotics did the trick.

Having braces is not as bad as some make out. After a short time you don’t notice them. After the first few adjustments you don’t feel much pain. However wax becomes your best friend. If you’re getting braces STOCK UP!!!
My teeth are looking awesome now; they’re straight and ready for surgery. I find out on Wednesday 14th of November 2012 when I will be having surgery... Aggghh.

Here's a before braces Picture:

I was always paranoid about that tooth that looked like it had been pushed back.. But presto...

It's back in it's rightful place now & I love it... My teeth were as my Ortho put it 'too straight' so they have been pushed back out slightly. That is my handsome cousin Liam on his 2nd Birthday :)

I will post again after my appointment on the 14th and I have a solid date for surgery (fingers crossed)..

Once I have this date I shall have some fun with liquid recipies and post the good ones and the disasters for good measure. The liquid diet is my biggest worry, I am a bottomless pit when it comes to food. I'm not worried about pain, I'm worried about hunger...  I have purchased a fancy blender who I will be building a great relationship with over the next few months, I will introduce you to it soon :)

Liz :)

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