Monday, 17 December 2012

Reality Hits...

So…. I’m out at our class Christmas party and chatting to a lovely lady who is telling me a story of how her teeth have been soar and she went to the dentist who explains that it’s her wisdom teeth causing her grief. However, she then explains that to get the wisdom teeth out she may need to have her jaw broken to which I reply.. ‘Ooooooohhhhhhh that sounds awful’…. Took about thirty seconds for reality to hit..

Hot flush, almost pass out, hold my jaw for the next hour… AAAAAHHHHHH….

As the New Year approaches it’s all feeling so real, I’m scared, excited, anxious…. A little unprepared but very excited at the thought of no New Year Diet, yayness…

                                                                Happy Holidays Cyber World  

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