Saturday, 9 February 2013

30 Days to Surgery...

So I went for what I thought would be my last appointment with the orthodontist before surgery on the 6th which was last Wednesday. It was pretty good timing as last Sunday I decided to be a little naughty and enjoy my first piece of toffee in three years and managed to pull off a band on my upper right 8.. Beautiful. Spend three days pushing it back on every time I ate. Lesson learned however it was very worth it. So band fixed, molds taken and I’m off home with another appointment for three weeks’ time when I need to return for hooks, yes hooks. I've a pretty good idea what they are but I’m going to plead ignorant and not ponder on these ‘hooks’ for the next three weeks. They don’t sound very pleasant.

On a change of topic I have been making some effort with preparing for surgery. A bit disappointed that I haven’t experimented with liquid recipes yet but I will get there, have just enough time and I found out I have spring break from college the week before surgery which is pretty awesome timing.

I created my shopping list which is as follows:
  • Extra Pillows – I read during my research that if you sleep elevated you recover faster.
  • Ice Packs – Apparently ice-packs are the way forward with tackling swelling.
  • Vaseline – (And lots of it) Dry lips is a very common problem post surgery and due to the lack of feeling in your lips you don’t even notice it half the time.
  • Tissues –For the drooling (lol)
  • P-jamas –I imagine I’ll be spending plenty of time in these.
  • Bottles of Water – This just seemed like something practical for the list.
  • Syringes –To eat form (ugh)
  • Straws –For post syringe stage.
  • Entertainment – To prevent me from cracking up from the boredom.
  • Small Tooth Brush –I’m not willing to place an electric tooth brush anywhere near my face for a long time.
  • Iron Supplements –I regularly suffer from low iron, last thing I need post-surgery.
So far I have the pillows, tissues, Vaseline, straws, tooth brush and iron supplements. 

Here's my Vaseline, I'm slightly obsessed and in love with it..

Here are the iron supplements I am using. I started using them a week ago and will take one a day for a month. These ones are great, my doctor prescribed them for me before and I always feel an instant difference. There are only €2.15 from any chemist, that's only £1.82, $2.87 (US) and $2.79 (Aus), this is where most of my blog views are from. 

 I will continue gathering the bits I need and let you guys know if I find anything spectacular. I will also post pictures of these infamous hooks when I get them and before pictures closer to surgery time. I have planned an intense week of eating before surgery so I will be sure to let you all know how good it is.

Finally Happy Valentines Days… May love fill your life and chocolate fill your stomach!


  1. I'm loving the Vaseline collection. My surgery is one week before yours and I'm not even close to being prepared. The only thing that I have for after my surgery is a jaw bra. I guess I need to get in it! I'll be reading to see what else you buy. If you do end up trying out some recipes please post about them. Good luck Liz!!

  2. Thank You Esmeralda, best of luck to you too, I will think of you on your surgery date and check your blog to see how you're doing. I'm slightly obsessed with Vaseline right now. I'll be updating my shopping list soon and starting recipes next week hopefully. :)