Saturday, 23 February 2013

Before Pictures..

With just over two weeks to go to surgery I figure it’s about time to do the before pictures. I've been dreading doing these as I knew I would HATE how they look and I do but there’s no point doing a blog if you’re not going to do it right. So Here it goes..

Side Closed Mouth:

Side Relaxed Mouth:

 Front Closed Mouth:

Front Relaxed Mouth:

My face is not normally so red but I spent the day at the beach in the cold on a photography excursion.. Here are some pictures of my ‘smile’ before surgery from today.

I’d think this is an appropriate blog post to include a little rant about something that’s really bothering me and I’m sure those of you in my position have experienced the same situations. It’s when people refer to this surgery as cosmetic. Yes it does have cosmetic benefits but it does in fact have an actual medical purpose. It is to correct a bite. I have no issues in admitting that I was swayed more so by the cosmetic benefit than the medical benefit. I feel that this surgery will increase my confidence, self-esteem and self-image.This is a decision I have made all by myself through research, weighing up pros and cons and many discussions with my orthodontist and surgeon. I am aware of the risks, the recovery process and expected result. I have made an informed and enthusiastic decision. Rant Over.

I also went to a chemist to buy syringes and the biggest they sell is 10ml which I didn't think was big enough so the girl kindly decided to order in 20ml ones for me. I thought this was incredibly nice of her. She ordered them at 4:00pm on Thursday and rang me at 11:30am Friday to say they had arrived. I decided to take the whole box as she had ordered them especially  There were 120 in the box and it cost €20.00 which I thought was pretty awesome value. I don’t expect to use them all though. I also bought new slippers for the hospital. Pretty productive week all round. 

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