Monday, 18 February 2013

Three Weeks To Surgery..

So I finally made a start on liquid recipes. I decided I would be good and start with the healthy ones as they’re the most important to ensure you get nutrients etc. I found this one somewhere online and decided I’d try is as it appeared really easy and a cheat’s way out as you use frozen vegetables. So it goes as follows:

·         4 cups of frozen mixed vegetables (corn, green beans, peas, Lima beans, etc.). This is about ½ of a large bag.
·         3 cups of broth, juice or cooking water
·         Salt and Pepper to taste
·         Optional: 2 tablespoons of olive oil

Cook vegetables for time indicated on package. Drain cooking water into a bowl and put cooked vegetables in the processor. Pulse 10 times. Process continuously for one minute. Add 3 cups of cooking liquid or other broth. Add salt/pepper to taste and oil if desired.

I did all of the above and yes it is easy to do and it was pretty nice but I had an issue with the peas in my mixed vegetables. Even though I blitzed it very well you could taste the little bits of pea skins and found them all over my braces which I imagine would be a problem after surgery with hygiene. So I suggest either get frozen vegetables without peas of if you want peas use fresh vegetables to avoid this issue. For the broth I used Knor chicken stock which was amazing, it even smelt awesome. Overall thought it’s an awesome recipe.

Here’s the pre blitz:

Here’s the blitzing:

It’s a bit vile looking but don’t let it put you off, it tastes much better than it looks.

And here’s me practicing eating through a straw (I’m sorry about the quality of the photo, I’ll have to use my digital camera in future as my phone camera isn't quite up to scratch) :

I've also done some more shopping. I picked up some ice-packs, two reusable ones and two instant ones. The reusable ones can be used as an ice pack or a heat pack which is pretty handy. The instant ones seem pretty handy as you can keep them next to you and just pop the little bubble inside and the bag freezes. The only thing is they’re expensive enough to only get one use out of but they do save a trip to the freezer. I’m not sure if I’ll need any more. I've also been researching other blogs and YouTube videos and hear that baby spoons are the way to go after surgery. Particularly the plastic ones as not only are they small there is no metal to knock off your braces or teeth. I picked up a back of 7 plastic weaning spoons in the local discount store for €2 and they’re green, blue and aqua which I think is super cool. I also picked up a box of very colorful straws that day though I've been thinking with no feeling in my lower lip I’m not so sure I will be able to use these but I’ll see how it goes.

Finally I've been considering entertainment. My wonderful Aunt Cilla bought me a digital box for the television in my room as I've had no channels since Ireland went digital (Thanks Cilla). So I will be able to watch more than just DVDs  I have decided to start watching One Tree Hill from season one as I've never seen it and Craig has been raving about it since I met him (almost 5 years ago, how time flies). Next I will search for a book to read:

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with some fruit liquid recipes and more from my shopping list. 

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