Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Dinner Countdown Day Five...

Yesterday as I was back in the land of college one of my wonderful college friend Tara invited me to her house for dinner with herself and her two equally wonderful children. It was so good. She made chicken curry, rice, chips and naan bread. I really could get used to having people cook for me all the time. I didn't take a picture of it but I really wish I had so you could all get a good idea of just how good it was.

Today I got a call from the nurse at the Orthodontics Clinic to let me know that my splint has arrived and ask me to call in to try it on. I'm going there on Friday to do that. I'm actually really pleased because I will have an idea of what to expect in my mouth after surgery. 

Other than that it is FIVE days to surgery and today I'm feeling very excited about it. I'm far less stressed and have managed to really get a grip on my college work which is one less thing to worry about. I've got my extra pillows ready to go and I'm going to check out some squeeze foods I've heard about on another blog in the next few days. I also realized that I will be admitted to hospital on Mothers day which isn't ideal but that's how it goes, I'm sure I have many many more Mothers Days with my Mother yet! 

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