Thursday, 7 March 2013

Dinner Countdown Day Four..

Yesterdays meal was a guilty pleasure.. I'm sure you'll all know from the picture what I had. I was torn between that and a diner called MJs which is similar to Eddie Rockets, I flipped a coin and ended up in McDonald's. Here it is:

Today marks Four days until I have surgery. I woke up this morning thinking how crazy this is. I remember being told first day that I will be having surgery, that was almost three years ago. I spent so much time waiting for a date that I started to believe I'd never get one and I'll have braces for life. I also started to think about life post surgery and post recovery, that seems like a lifetime away at the moment. I'm looking forward to being able to look back at this experience when the whole process is over.

I was weighted at the hospital yesterday, I wasn't looking forward to this because I felt I had completely overindulged this semester, taking larger lunches for college etc. but I only put on 4 pounds, I'm very pleased about that. It also means that when I loose weight after surgery I should go back to my original weight or just a little under. People find it really irritating when I talk about my weight cause I'm that person who can eat all I want and not put on weight. I've just killed that theory with my 4 pounds!!

I was trying to prepare my little cousin Robyn who is 7 years for what I will look like after surgery. Myself and her Mam were explaining that my face will look a little fatter because of swelling etc.. and would she help by getting me drinks and stuff. She looked very scared and asked if I'd look like the man off the telly? She was referring to the man known as the 'elephant man' that she had seen in a documentary lately. It's amazing how kids remember stuff and make connections. We gave her some reassurance and she seem relieved. Craig has also ordered me to get a chair in my room for him to sit on, he refuses to sit on my bed when I'm recovering in case he hurts my jaw. I'm sure he thinks I'll be made of glass post surgery! It's nice that he cares though.

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