Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Dinner Countdown Day Six...

Yesterdays dinner was awesome and made for me once again (Thanks Mam)! It was bacon, sausage, egg and bagels.. I'm currently obsessed with bagels and will possibly miss these the most. Here it is..

Following this I sat down to the Easter Egg Craig bought me in advance of Easter just in case I am unable to indulge on Easter Sunday..

I love kinder eggs and got an awesome game inside which may keep me entertained for some part of recovery.. 

I've been having some nightmares that are surgery related which haven't been fun. Last nights one went a little like this; I was in the hospital to try on my splint to ensure it fits correctly and they decided they needed to insert a feeding tube through my stomach so I was walking around everywhere holding the tube and worrying that I'd pull it out. I was getting very stressed about it. Woke up in a panic and started feeling around for the tube. This tells me I'm starting to get anxious about surgery.. And I'm thinking far too much about food!!

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