Friday, 8 March 2013

Dinner Countdown Day Three...

Well yesterdays dinner didn't actually happen. I'm not sure if it's nerves, overeating all week or just some kind of bug (which it better not be), but I've lost my appetite. I could not face eating a dinner.  Today I'm still not feeling much hunger.

I went for my splint fitting at the orthodontist. I was surprised to find my surgeon there as I was not expecting him to be and wish I had known because when he asked if I had any questions for him I went blank. There was some remote panic when the splint did not fit initially but eventually it did and was actually very comfortable. I found out after though that he won't be leaving the splint in at all, it's just a guide for him when deciding placement of my jaw.

I did manage to ask him how long I'll be in hospital for. He said that he would come see me Tuesday evening and if everything looks normal and okay I will get to go home then so fingers crossed. I have to go back to see him the following Tuesday and if everything is still fine I don't need to see him again after that, everything else will be done in the orthodontists clinic which I will return to the Thursday after this appointment. So my appointment ended with my orthodontist sending me on my way and telling me to spare no food for the weekend.

Today's appointment made everything feel very real and very final. I'm feeling something but can't quiet put my finger on exactly what it is. I'm not nervous, though I may appear nervous because everybody keeps asking me. I do feel somewhat relaxed considering I'll have a broken face in THREE days.. .


  1. I can hardly believe the day is almost here either!! Keep eating that food!! When I think about the diet restrictions after surgery it makes me miss food already and I haven't had the surgery yet. Almost there Liz!!

  2. I know, starting to get nervous now. I've my bag packed and ready to go. So very excited that we're nearly there. Hope your week has been Okay. Sending you lots of luck!