Friday, 1 March 2013

Metal Mouth..

Yesterday I had my last appointment with the orthodontist before surgery which is in 10 days. I had the dreaded hooks put on, five on top and three on the bottom. I had really been dreading these but they are actually a lot smaller than I had thought and there is less in there. I was very relieved. Here is what they look like.

Bit of a metal mouth but I don’t mind. I do mind that they look a little yellow. I will be getting them bleached when the braces are off which I am beyond excited bout!! 

The orthodontist and the nurse said that it’s essential I have LOTS of wax as these cut patients very badly. They gave me some and offered to post me more any time I need it which I thought was really nice of them.  However, it’s now been 29 hours since they've been placed in and I don’t even notice they are there. I have no pain and no cutting which is a nice relief as they had prepared me for the worst. If they were going to cut they would have done so by now.

I may have to go back this day next week to try on my splint to ensure it fits correctly but the orthodontist said the engineer is fantastic and they never have fitting issues but just to be on the safe side. Wouldn't do well to have a broken jaw and then realize the splint doesn't fit. They also gave me my first appointment post op which is the 21st of March, 10 days post-surgery.

I've officially finished college until after surgery. Well it just worked out that next week is Spring Break which now that it’s here I’m very grateful for as I’m starting to get a bit uneasy about everything. I have about five essays to do for college and although I have about five weeks to complete most of them I’m concerned that I’m not going to have the energy to do them after surgery. I’m going to try get as much done during spring break as I can but freaking out a little bit and my mind is so focused on surgery I can’t even contemplate the relevance of visual art in community settings. I’m also starting to worry about when I go back to college. I go to college 2 hours from where I live and when I go back I will be living alone. I’m starting to feel unprepared for surgery even thought I made a list and have everything on it. I’m worried about how people are going to react to me after surgery, if people will cope with the changes. Then I think to myself that this surgery is my decision and it’s my life, I’m the one who will have a broken jaw and I’ll have enough work in looking after myself and don’t need to be concerning myself about others but I can’t help being concerned about others coping. I imagine all these worries are natural and everybody going through this will have very similar ones. 

I've been taking my mind off these by going to the beach, three different beaches in one week in February. I may turn into a beach bum. Here are some pictures from yesterday’s visit.  

Today I've had a big clean out in my room to ensure it’s clean and airy for after surgery. I also want to organise all the stuff I may need to be next to my bed so I bought a new bedside locker for next to my bed with three drawers, I’m waiting excitedly for my uncle to come and put it together for me. I've also been trying to decide what I may need to bring to the hospital but as I’m not sure how long I’ll be there for this is difficult. 

Hopefully I'll be blogging this time next week to say I have lots of college work done, I have everything prepared for the surgery and hospital and I'm no longer stressing!...

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