Friday, 15 March 2013

Recovery Day 4..

I can't believe I'm on day four already. Time is going fast which is great as I hate being stuck in bed not doing much. Yesterday was fine until I became upset about something non jaw related. I knew I had to hold it together but after about three hours I had to let it out and well crying and jaw surgery do not work well together. It hurt pretty bad, I became congested and struggled to breath. So this has toughed me up if nothing else and encouraged me to forget everything else right now and focus on recovery.

I was very tired last night as I didn't sleep much during the day and was asleep by about 9:30pm and slept right through until 7am and then fell in and out of sleep until 9am which was nice and I felt pretty awake after that. I was pleased that the swelling on the right side has gone down ever so slightly but it's progress none the less. I had two yogurts for breakfast, brushed my teeth and decided it was time to hit the shower. It felt AMAZING to get the blood, sweat and vomit out of my hair (I did say I wouldn't skip the gory details!). However I became concerned when hair started falling out in my hands, full strands of hair, clumps of it. I nearly cried. Luckily I have lots of hair and haven't gone bald yet but I am concerned. According to Google this can happen due to the shock of surgery to the body and can continue up to three months. I also text two hairdresser friends of mine who said the same thing and to just consult my doctor if it continues. Here's hoping it doesn't.

It was very tiring showering and then drying my hair but it was very worth it as I feel great now.  My Mother had my bed sheets changed when I got back from the shower (thanks Mam!) which was a nice surprise and it felt so good getting back into bed.

Here's today's photos, I'm glad to be at least clean in them!: 

I look pretty unhappy in the top photo but I'm actually in a really good mood today. Except that I desperately want a ham sandwich.. I didn't even eat those before surgery but right now I really want one. 

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