Saturday, 16 March 2013

Recovery Day 5..

Last night was simply awful, I had the worst pain from my right ear. I didn't really sleep at all, it felt like I just sat on my bed all night waiting for the next time I could take some pain relief. I tried putting an ice pack to it but any touch just made the pain worse. Today the pain has subsided significantly and that is a very welcome relief. I looked this ear pain up on Google (which has an answer for everything and is getting me through college!) and apparently it can be common for a long time after this surgery. It's due to the joint learning to settle into it's new position. Also talking can aggravate this and I did a bit of talking last night as Craig called over to sit with me for a while.

I've also started to really struggle with the lack of normal foods. I'm desperate for a proper meal. I'm not even 100% certain when that will even be possible again but right now my moral is pretty low but I'm trying hard to remain positive. I am hoping Tuesday will come soon so I can get some more information from my surgeon.

The swelling is still there but causing me no real issues. I don't seem to even notice it now.

Here is today's pictures:

I also took a photo of my front teeth, which actually meet now. It's SOOO exciting and pain or no pain I would do it all over again.


  1. Sorry you're feeling pretty low, I hope the pain eases soon and you can get back to feeling better! Just remember, it's all up from here! Big hugs! P.s. You're results are looking great! x

  2. Thank You Emma. I got a strawberry milkshake from McDonalds and this has cheered me right up already. Also as I said it's very worth it so stay excited about your surgery, not long now x