Wednesday, 13 March 2013

So Surgery Happened..

I made it to the other side of surgery and I'm very excited to share my recovery so far as it's been a very positive one. I was woken at 6.20am on Monday, day of surgery and told to shower and be ready by 8am. It was 11:45 before I got called down. I had remained very calm up until then however when I got to the surgery waiting area I started to sweat a little and start to stress. The staff in theater were amazing, they kept talking to me and kept it very humorous and this kept me calm no end.  I remember feeling very relaxed and calm as I went to sleep.

I woke up to hear a nurses voice telling me to take deep breathes as they pulled out the tube. She said my pulse is high and I'm sweating but not to worry about it. She was very reassuring and nice though I was still pretty out of it and fell right back to sleep. The next thing I remember is being lifted form that bed back onto mine via a board and about six people and then hearing a lot of hustle and bustle around me but I heard a voice say 'ignore us just relax there'. I did exactly that as I was so tired and slept for I don't know how long.

I woke at some stage feeling very thirsty and asked for water. I was given a glass with a straw to SIP but I downed THREE GLASSES. This I did regret as I got very sick after it. I did vomit from it but it was mainly water so not too harsh on my jaw and got an injection that helped me with the nausea. I think my Mum and Nan and Aunt were there for that, I was aware they were there but was so tired I couldn't really keep my eyes open.

The nurses kept asking if I was in any pain and I wasn't. Not one single bit of pain anywhere, it was such a relief. I was told I had tubes from my mouth which were inserted into my cheeks. I was a little disappointed about this but when I realized all the stuff that had drained out would have otherwise sat in my cheeks I was so grateful. They were a little annoying but considering how much they help I'm pleased to have had them. I also had three sessions of steroids through a drip which helps with swelling. So here I am about 5.5 hours after surgery.

I was pleased that I slept well as I've seen form other blogs that people have trouble sleeping the first night but I have been so lucky with that. So I didn't get out of bed until the following morning when I had to go to the toilet which I was nervous about due to the mirrors. I wasn't sure if I was ready to see myself. I decided I needed to brave it and wasn't sure how I felt about how I looked but deiced I was to raw to make any decisions.

I had some xrays done and my surgeon came to see me in the evening. He said he was very pleased with the results, he was pleased to see so little swelling and was surprised that I had taken no pain relief other then calpol. He sent me home with eating, cleaning instructions and an appointment to see him next Tuesday. So here are some pictures I got when I came home:

Day One:

I pretty much slept for the rest of the day which was nice. I slept right through the night and woke at 5:30am and been awake since then but feeling tired enough. Today I feel really good. The swelling is a little annoying but I consider myself very lucky considering how tough others have it after surgery. So finally here I am today. I think I look a little worse but I feel a little better.

Day Two:

So that's me so far. I'm feeling great and very very lucky. I really hope it continues this way. The surgeon said it's all downhill from here and I'll feel a little better every day from now on. I'm excited and feeling very positive. I would like to say I'll update daily but I won't promise anything for now.

Finally I'm sending these positive vibes to fellow bloggers who also had their surgery Monday. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


  1. Congratulations on making it to the other side! You're looking great and i'm glad you're feeling great too! Are you currently still in hospital, or are you home now? Looking forward to watching your recovery! Emma x.

    1. Thanks Emma, I will follow your blog to watch your progress. I wish you lots of luck with your surgery. Although I am only just out the other side I already feel it was very worth it. I am home from hospital about 24 hours now. Feel a little uncomfortable but still no pain :)

  2. Sounds like everything went really well for you, congrats! You don't look swollen hardly at all so that's awesome. Best of luck in you're recovery!

    1. I'm sorry to hear yours didn't run as smoothly and hope things improve for you really soon. Yes I've been so lucky with swelling and it seems that this is down to the drains. I will watch your blog to see your recovery. Best of luck.