Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Last Dinner & Admission Day..

Yesterday was my last real dinner before surgery. My week of eating ended on a Chinese. It was delicious I spared none of it. Even when I was full I kept eating. Here it is:

I didn't get to sleep until after 3am. I wasn't particularly nervous or anything I was just wide awake. I woke this morning feeling Okay but do have a little knot in my stomach. I'm just doing my best not to think too much about it for now. I just phoned the hospital as directed by the admissions letter and there is a bed available so I have to arrive by 3pm.

I didn't manage to make that video but will do my best after surgery. I won't be able to update until I am home from hospital which all going well is Tuesday evening so I will try update Wednesday. I have asked that someone take photos for me tomorrow after surgery and again on Tuesday to see process.

Goodbye Over Bite :)


  1. I'll be thinking about you today. I guess even though we are having our surgery on the same day the time difference makes it one day apart. Good luck today!!

  2. Thank You. I'm in the hospital now. Gown, hat and anti clot socks at the ready. Consent forms signed & having the last cup of tea. I'm pleased to say it feels great to finally be here. I'll speak to you on the other side of surgery. :)