Monday, 8 April 2013

Four Weeks Post Surgery..

I honestly just don't know where the time has gone, I am not complaining though. There was a point before surgery when recovery seemed like a distant dream. I am so pleased to be here now. I've had a strange week jaw wise. I thought I had regained all feeling in my lower lip since the day of surgery but the other day I went to speak and realized that my lip was jammed between my teeth and I hadn't even noticed until I tried to speak. When I touch that part of my lip I believe I have feeling in it but for some reason I didn't feel it being bitten to an inch of its life. This is something I will bring up at my ortho appointment on Thursday.

I have had a few painful nights in the last week. The right side still hurts a lot when I lay on it. The left side has started to do the same now when I lay on my left side but the pain seems to be on the upper jaw rather than in my ear. Pain is to be expected though and I've been very lucky so this I can live with. I also find that sometimes I get this weird sensation in my ears, it feels like I am under water. I'm not sure if this is normal post surgery but I am assuming it is.

The tiredness is still there, improving slightly but still there. I am having my last drink today and returning to the doctor this evening so we will be looking at this again. I was due to return to college today but haven't been well enough. I have been feeling sick in general, maybe a bug or something.

Over all I am very very happy to be at this point and would without doubt do it all over again if I had to.

Here are photos four weeks post op:


  1. You're looking amazing! I'm glad there is a light at the end of the tunnel finally!

  2. Thank You. Stay strong, you will get through the tough days and you'll be so glad when you do x

  3. You look great! I hope my results are as good as yours. It's good that only 4 weeks post-op you know that it's worth it. I hope your energy level quickly returns too.

  4. Thanks Mary. Yes, it's great to feel the benefits of the surgery already and know it was worth it. I got on well at the doctor and apparently after 6 weeks you should feel pretty much back to normal energy wise as the anesthetic will have left the body. I do have some inflammation in the ears which has caused some of the pain I feel and have been given some medication for this. All in all though never thought I'd be feeling this good so soon. If I knew before surgery what I knew now I would never have worried. The best advice I can give you as you approach surgery is be excited & stay positive.