Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mini Update..

Today has been such a good day I really had to publish a little update to explain how my orthodontic appointment went. I arrived in, smiling as usual cause my orthodontist and the nurses are amazing and always put me in great form.

So they had a look at my bite at the back and the left side has as she said it 'settled in well' and is in the correct position. The right side not so much so I have to wear elastics for another while. She said to put a second elastic on the right side at night time for some extra pull. She did say that if the right side has moved with the left she would be giving me an appointment to REMOVE MY BRACES!! However, she said they will be out during the summer. I will have another appointment in about 3/4 weeks and if the right side has moved into place (and it WILL move into place) she will be giving me a removal appointment. I actually nearly fell of the chair when getting up I was so excited. I did not expect to get this news. I've had a ridiculous smile on my face all day. I said to her I've had a lot of pain over the last few days, she thinks I smile to much and this is causing pain and when I think about it I do smile a lot now. So much has changed in my life over the past month including my surgery happening but it has all been really positive so I can't help being happy!

On another good note she also said I can chew what I want from now but obviously avoid foods such as apples, steaks, crusty bread etc.. I don't think I'll ever again feel comfortable eating these items anyway. I came home from the hospital and had a Chicken Tikka Wrap for lunch with a bottle of coke to celebrate (I normally don't drink fizzy drinks!).

All in all it's a GREAT DAY :)

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  1. I'm so excited for you! It must be amazing to finally hear those words! :) Hope your wrap was nice, you deserve it! xx