Sunday, 28 April 2013

Seven Weeks Post Surgery..

Surgery feels like a distant memory at this stage. I'm pleased to say that I am finally starting to worry less about anything hitting off my jaw. I only noticed this while blow drying my hair this week. I hit my jaw twice with the hair dryer and thought if this had happened three or four weeks ago I would have passed out with fright. I was also having a feel of my new jaw and I've located the two splits in the jaw, I'm pretty sure I can also feel a little screw on the left side. I've had lots of fun getting people to feel it and then watch them freak out.

I've noticed that when someone says smile for a photo I still automatically try to push my jaw forward like I used to post surgery and it sends this almost electric pain through both sides of my jaw. I think it just shows how ingrained my overbite was before surgery that I'm still unconsciously moving it. I am starting to remember now that I'm okay with people seeing my profile. It's an incredible feeling not to be considering it. 

At the moment the only problem I'm having is with my elastics, the problem being that I'm sick to death of them. They're hard to get on, then they get stuck on the wrong tooth and it's a nightmare to get them off to put them on the right tooth. I've also developed little cuts in the corners of my mouth from getting them on. Then in the middle of chewing food there are regular snap sounds and sometimes it really hurts. They have caused a friction burn on the inside of my cheeks from talking and chewing. Oh and it's added at least 3 minutes extra onto brushing my teeth. Having said all this, considering the two surgeries, 8 teeth extractions, separators, metal bands and endless pulling and pushing the fact that elastic bands are all I have to complain about is an absolute blessing. 

I have an orthodontist appointment on Tuesday week and fingers crossed I'll be getting a date for brace removal however, there is still a relevantly substantial gap on my right side so possibly not. 

Finally I remember a post I published before surgery when I was concerned about a lot of things after surgery, mainly being able to catch up with college work. I am pleased to say I only have one week of lectures left before summer, I have caught up with all my continuous assessment work and I only have four exams which I feel relatively prepared for. Not if I could just go back and tell pre-surgery Liz it will all be okay! 

Here are some photographs of week 7:


  1. You look great Liz! I have yet to start my time with elastics, but from reading this post I'm happy that I don't have them yet. It looks like your swelling is completely gone! How far can you open your mouth? I have been kind of a slacker when it comes to doing my jaw exercise.

  2. Great to see you're doing so well. You're looking awesome. An end is in sight and it's very exciting. I can open my mouth about a finger and a half now anything more than that hurts. I also get those shooting pains you referred to in your post if I yawn, move in a certain way etc. It's nice to know it's not just me!
    I haven't been given any jaw exercises to do which is a little worrying as most other people seem to get them. Keep strong and keep doing them. I know how tempting it is not to as I often consider not wearing the elastics for a day! It'll all be worth it in the end :)

  3. You look incredible Liz! You must be so happy :) Hope you're wearing a smile with pride! I can totally relate to the hell of elastics! I was about to ask if you'd had exercies yet but noticed you responded to Esmeralda! :P Did you find that your mouth gradually just 'stretched' to the one finger and a half? xx

  4. Thank you Emma. So glad you're doing well too and getting back to some kind of normal. Elastics are certainly not my best friend but they are just the last stretch of a long journey and will be gone soon. My mouth did start to gradually open more. I noticed it mainly with eating, the more adventurous I got with food the further I was risking opening. There is still a strange strechy feeling in my cheeks when opening my mouth around where the stitches were. I've been back using my electric tooth brush for about two and a half weeks now and I recently got the head stuck between my upper and lower back teeth and had to eventually just pull it out with force. Normally I would have a break down at that kind of thing but I stayed very calm and didn't feel any pain so you will stress less about it in no time xx