Monday, 1 April 2013

Three Weeks Post Surgery..

I can't believe it's been three weeks already. I remember nervously saying three weeks until surgery. So in my last post I said I was off to the doctor because I was so tired. He prescribed me drinks called ensure which are amazing really. The 'ensure' you get all your relevant nutrients and he gave me one drink a day for two weeks so I have one week left. I am still very tired but it's improving slowly. The drinks have increased my appetite and helped my digestion which makes me feel healthier in itself.

All the swelling is gone by now and I never bruised at all which makes me feel very lucky. Now that the swelling is gone I've really been able to look at my profile and I have to say I love it and I've earned it! I still get pain at night time if I turn onto my right side and it really hurts when I do. It wakes me regularly and I can't do anything but sit still and wait for it to pass, sometimes it takes a minute and other times it could be twenty minutes. It's a bit inconvenient but it's a small price to pay considering how lucky I have been with recovery.

I've been thinking about my lack of swelling in comparison to others and have comprised a list of things that have contributed to this. Hopefully this can help those of you who are heading for surgery.

  • I was given drains which are visible in my 'so surgery happened' post. These took a lot of blood from my cheeks which otherwise would have been sitting in there. These were easy to handle and you barely notice them. 
  • I was given three bags of steroids through an IV which were to help with swelling. 
  • I took to difene tablets twice a day for about 10 days which are also for tackling swelling and inflammation. 
  • I used ice packs for about 15 minutes at a time three times a day for about 4 days. 
  • Finally I slept elevated for about two weeks. This can be annoying but it's worth fighting through it. 
I've been more adventurous with food. I've eaten chicken nuggets from Mc Donalds, pasta and my long awaited ham sandwich. It seems to be going okay until there is a snap sound and I wait, frozen to figure out if it's my jaw braking or just the elastic snapping AGAIN! Luckily so far it's been the elastics. 

Here are my photographs three weeks post surgery:

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  1. finally the teeth turn,do you need rubber band&headgear too?
    Good luck with the "silversmile".