Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Recovery Week Eight..

I decided to do this weeks post a little late as I had an orthodontist appointment today. I have been talking nicely to my teeth for the past few weeks in the hope of encouraging them to hurry on and move. The back of the left side moved together however there is still a little bit of a gap in the front of the left. I was ecstatic however when the orthodontist told me that this was not an issue and will continue to move after brace removal. I was also relieved to hear that I only have to wear elastics at night now. Speaking of brace removal... This brace face will be brace free on the 10th of July. RESULT!

I've had a lot of pain in my jaw this week. It began when laughing at the latest Argos alien advert  on television. I thought adverts didn't get any better than the m&m ones but Argos proved me wrong. I started to laugh hysterically and then proceeded to cry as pain began to surface in a major way. Then on Sunday I was watching Peter Kay stand up and had to stop watching as the pain from laughter became too much. I've also tried smiling less to ease the pain but when you get news such as brace removal you can't help but smile. I am planning a holiday this summer, possibly to Croatia and the thought of having my braces off a week before is just so exciting. However, for now it's been back to pain relief for me this week.

I've been reading a fellow blogger, Emmas posts and was inspired by her 'thank you' blog post. It got me thinking about those who were there for me during surgery and recovery. As I've never particularly needed to depend on others before I never truly understood what people meant when they said you know who your real friends are when you need them the most. Now, having experienced surgery, reaching all time lows I understand. I now realize what an incredible family and wonderful friends I have. I also realize what it's like to feel left down by the one person you thought you could rely on. To that person, you've made me stronger.

To my friends for all your texts, calls and messages thank you. I received messages from people near, people far and even people I don't particularly know these reminded me that there was light at the end of the tunnel. To those who helped me get my hands on items I needed you made my recovery that bit easier and I am so grateful.

To my family you showed me what it means to have a support network who have your back no matter what.To my three rocks, my Mum, my Aunt and my Nan who wiped away many tears, plenty of blood & vomit, picked me up when I was feeling down, drove from chemist to chemist collecting drugs, sat in the hospital with me even when I was sleeping, kept taking my food back until it was liquid enough for me to eat without getting annoyed, made me be strong when I needed to be and getting me to the point I am at today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Finally to my fellow bloggers, without you guys sharing your experiences of surgery I would never have been able to make a confident decision. To those who experienced surgery around the same time as me, it was comforting to know we were all sharing experiences, pain and milestones. Stay Strong.

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