Sunday, 26 May 2013

Recovery Week Eleven..

Although this week has not been a bad jaw week like last week, today is definitely a bad jaw day. Last night took me back to week one, when walking A LOT after turning onto my right side. I'm pleased that I didn't need to resort to pain relief as I have firmly put those days behind me.  However today has continued to be a painful one. I can't open my mouth too far without pain and my right ear has sharp regular pain. Still the pain has not gone beyond the point of being worth it.

Two people have asked me this week if my energy levels are at a reasonable rate and although I hadn't thought about it in a while I now realize I have as much, if not more energy than I did before surgery. Those of you on your journey prepare to be very very tired and be sure to allow yourself the rest needed to recover from the tiredness. Embrace the rest! I have managed a 9km walk this week in the beautiful weather we have been having here for a change and this weekend I managed two full days, without any cat naps of being out about, walking on the side of a mountain, exploring at the beach and shouting on my cousins football team. About 4/5 weeks ago I would never imagined I'd ever reach this point again. So since surgery I've learned to appreciate the people around me, food and the ability to get up in the morning and live life.

On a final note, and an exciting one for me. I was told for the first time this week by somebody that they can see a difference in my jaw. They were referring to this photo, therefore now it has become my favorite photo!

Here are some photographs week eleven, I'm aware nothing has really changed physically and I'm pretty sure nothing more will change, I've no swelling left whatsoever. I am also aware I look a bit out of it but that is due to a sleepless, painful night. I'm so glad and grateful that those nights no longer mean spending the day stuck in bed, drugged up.

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