Sunday, 19 May 2013

Recovery Week Ten...

I am just two weeks away from another significant milestone of three months post surgery, that will then leave me just half way from the point of full recovery, six months. This week has not been a good jaw week, however I am reminding myself that it's a bad jaw week not a bad jaw life. Even when I do have a bad jaw day or jaw week I never ever regret having surgery. 

This week I noticed that tiniest of chips on my upper, left three (or as I like to call it the vampire tooth), I thought it was from a mishap whilst brushing my teeth last Monday morning however I found out that it's actually after getting worn from rubbing off my lower brace and isn't a major issue although I fretted for five days solid. I'm pretty sure nobody else would notice it but I notice every little change, problem and mark on my teeth. I had some swelling on and off on the left side of my face in the mornings but it seems to go down as the day goes on. 

I also had a jaw issue on Friday night whilst carrying boxes. Forgetting as you do sometimes that you have a broken jaw I carried one box full of books on top of another and the top one slid backwards and hit my jaw, I'm pretty sure my life flashed before me. There was a moment where I stood still, everything went into slow motion and I waited for the pain to hit and it did. It made me realize that I've become somewhat complacent about my jaw and although it's good to not fret so much I do still need to take care with it. The pain is still there and I'm back to not being able to sleep on my right side again but I'm pretty sure nothing has moved out of place. The pain reminds my of a few sleepless nights I had post surgery and I had to take off the right elastic during the night as it became to much. So needless to say I'll be back to protecting my jaw from even the slightest of winds for the next three months. 

There were many times after surgery I said I would never take food for granted again and I really really don't. I've noticed that I've appreciated every bite of food I've had since being able to eat again. I take a few moments before I begin to eat to remind myself what life without food was like and it makes every little mouthful all the more sweeter. 

Here is me appreciating some of that food: 

Also here are some pictures week 10:


  1. I feel your pain! Sometimes I completely forget i've had jaw surgery and i'll do something, the pain will kick in reminding me that my jaw is actually still incredibly delicate! It's strange because a few days post-op I was over paranoid about anybody even blowing on my face for fear of damaging my jaw, and now i'm here neglecting it! :P

    I guess though it just shows we're back on the path to normality! :) I can't wait to chew (haven't been given the all clear yet) but when I can, i'll be appreciating foods along with you! :)

    You're looking great!


  2. I know what you mean, for the first few weeks I was nearly crying if anybody or anything came even close to my face and now I'm throwing boxes of books at it. I can't believe you can't chew yet but it will make it all the sweeter when you can and you'll seriously appreciate it. Stay Strong, you're doing and looking so great.