Sunday, 9 June 2013

Fourteen Weeks Post Surgery

It's fourteen weeks post surgery and just four weeks until I get my braces removed. I almost don't believe it as write it. My excitement in on a level that can't even be measured. It's crazy to think back to the day I got them on and they felt so big I could barely close my lips together, at that point removal was so far away it wasn't even worth thinking about.

Finally all the blisters and infection in my mouth have cleared up. It's such a relief. I used having the infection as a pretty good excuse not to wear my elastics at night time as I am supposed to and currently I am still not wearing them. I know I really should but I've been rationalizing it in my head. I figure I can live happily with the tiny tiny gap that is still there plus the retainer I will be wearing will help to continue the closure.

I have been having lots of random pains in my jaw this week but by now I'm so used to them I don't even consider them painful anymore, they're just little reminders of the journey I have been on and how far I have come.

As nothing much has been changing from week to week I have decided it's time to adjust to monthly updates or updates should anything significant in the jaw world happen. This means that the next time I blog I will officially be BRACE FREE.

So readers have an awesome June, Keep Smiling and always remember life is better at the beach.

Liz :)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

THREE Months Post Surgery..

I'm here... I've made the three month mark. I know six moths is where you reach full recovery but I don't even feel like I had surgery, if it were not for the lack of overbite there would be no evidence that a surgeon cut me open and split the bone on both sides of my jaw before pulling it forward and screwing it into place. Only now can I say all that without feeling weak. Before surgery I spent hours and hours searching through
the internet and soaking up every last bit of information I could and was unfortunate enough to come across a video of an actual surgery where you see exactly what they do. At the time I was unable to watch it however now I can watch it without feeling pain in my jaw or throwing up at the though. I think that's when you know you've truly reached the point of recovery. Although I wouldn't link that video to my blog as it would not be fair on those of you heading for surgery here is a great, simple and informative video explaining all types of jaw surgery. For those of you heading for surgery my advice is to not watch any videos with too much detail and visuals, don't do it to yourself!

I've had anther bad week with my mouth however it wasn't jaw related. I had a wire from my brace cutting me for a few days which as fellow brace wearers will understand can be a nightmare at times, it caused a cut on the inside of my lip which managed to get infected. This then spread and now I have lots of those little white blister things all over my gums, splendid. I've been washing my mouth out with salt and water for days now and getting pretty sick of it. Jaw surgery wasn't as painful and tiring as this infection. It has caused me to talk with a little bit of lisp which is pretty funny.

I went to my dentist (not orthodontist) on Tuesday to get the wire cute and one of the surgical hooks off as I thought that was the cause of my pain. It was a funny experience all the same. The dentists light was broken and he had to improvise until it gets fixed so as he was holding a big square red torch over my mouth as I laid there holding the suction tube in my mouth as he says hold extremely still and cuts the wire with a small electric saw type thing. I felt completely at ease as you can imagine. As it happened this didn't do the trick and I ended up with an unexpected visit to the orthodontist on Thursday where it turned out the elastic on one of the brackets has come off and that is what caused the damage.

Before surgery, during surgery and for about six weeks after my braces never caused me much pain or discomfort, I was patient, I thought ahead to when I'd have a correct bite and great set of teeth, I didn't mind having braces or getting asked questions about them but now that's all gone. I'm impatiently counting down the days until removal. I've had enough of cut lips and cheeks, I've had enough of being careful when eating and I've had enough elastics causing me sleepless nights. If I had my time over would I change my mind and not get braces or have surgery?!?! Not A Chance, No regrets!!

On that note, here are some photographs three months post surgery from my Goddaughters 9th Birthday, Happy Birthday baby girl xox