Friday, 9 August 2013

Five Months Post Surgery and One Month Brace Free..

This post represents my five month post surgery post, almost half a year on. It's a bittersweet feeling as although I'm very happy to be recovered and moving on there is also a sadness when ending any journey that takes up significant space in your life.

Jaw wise there has been no change as there is nothing more to change. I'm still pain free and no longer protect my jaw from any possible contact. I can remember not too many months ago when I would flinch at the thought of even a feather grazing any point on my face but now I can pinpoint the moment I realized jaw contact is no longer an issue to me. I recently went interrailing in Europe where I participated in various physical activities including white water rafting. During the rafting we did an activity where everybody sat in the boat and took it in turns to walk around the edge of the boat and try not fall. I did manage to fall but into the boat rather than out hitting my face off a paddle, my first reaction was not 'oh no my jaw' it was 'oh no, my nose'!! My jaw didn't enter my head until the friend I was traveling with said 'watch your jaw' and I actually had to think why!

Here's some photos from that amazing experience: I'm the one in the white sun glasses but these are a little small. I'm also on the back of the boat on the camera side :)

It's also been one month since having my braces removed. I got used to not having braces very quickly, in fact I can barely remember what it's like to have braces. My bite felt a little strange for a few days but it's fine now and the orthodontist was right in her predictions that the little gap on the right side would continue to close with use of the retainer. Considering the work I've been through for my teeth I am very committed to wearing my retainer every night as directed. I did forget them two nights so far but made up for those by wearing them for several hours during the day which is not pleasant as I find it a little difficult to talk with them in and you have to take them out to eat or drink. However, it has shown me the importance of wearing them as it was difficult to get them in after not wearing them for just one night. I can't imagine how distressing it would be for the orthodontist who has worked so hard to have a client who doesn't comply with the retainer directions. 

I still find it very exciting to see myself in photographs brace free. It's the first thing I look at and pretty much the only thing I look at. It was just before my 21st birthday that I was assessed and given a run down of the proposed treatment plan. I recently celebrated my 24th birthday and now the days of 'should I agree to surgery' are a distant memory. I have a photograph from both birthdays to compare:

This is not the best for showing my teeth but it's the way my face looked three years ago, pre-surgery and pre-braces!

This is how my jaw line and teeth look now :)

After surgery people struggled to see any difference in how I looked but since getting my braces removed people are complementing the difference on a daily basis. Although I was satisfied with seeing the difference myself regardless of others it is nice to hear that others see it now.

I mentioned in my previous blog that my confidence had increased dramatically since surgery and it's continuing to grow. I am continuing to take full advantage of any opportunity that comes my way and this confidence is helping me to meet new people all the time. It's very exciting to be out living life again and now worrying about my jaw getting hurt or having food stuck in my braces. My next and final step is bleaching which I am hoping to have done by the end of the month and before next months blog update.

For now here are some of my holiday photographs, as you will see I was not afraid to show off my new smile :)

Until next time have an Awesome August, I know I will :)