Monday, 10 March 2014

One Year Post Surgery

I did it, I have made it to one year post surgery and what a year it has been. I had intended to write at my six month post brace removal orthodontic appointment however there was nothing to report. I had that appointment on the 4th of February and everything looks perfect including the effects of my retainer which I will continue using as opposed to the proposed metal retainer. I had been finding it difficult to always remember my retainer at night in the beginning however I am pleased to report I have developed a good habit of placing them in every night. My orthodontist also gave me her record of progress photographs from my treatment however she was missing the very first set which I will receive on my final appointment in August which will be my discharge appointment. I will upload all of those together once I receive them. 

I am also due a one year follow up appointment with my surgeon which I have not yet received an appointment for however I am not too concerned about this as everything seems to be where it should be and I no longer feel any pain of any sorts. 

It feels like far more than a year since surgery as so much has happened in that year. This is a photo of me just two days after surgery, I was home from hospital and the pain was just starting to make an appearance. I knew I had a long few weeks ahead of me however my increasing positivity and wonderful family and friends got me though not only recovery from surgery but a few other major changes in my personal life that all happened at once and were equally life changing. The second is a photo of me now. 

'Luckily the he person in that first photo knew the person in the second photo was waiting twelve months down the line.'

I have finally started the tooth whitening process, today is day five of whitening and I am thrilled with the results. I was concerned about sensitivity as this is an issue I have had since brace removal and I had every reason to be concerned, It Hurts, A Lot. I have attached photographs with my whitening records as well as information on how the process works. 

I went to the dentist on Friday where she carried out a check up to ensure I had healthy teeth before taking molds of my upper and lower teeth. I received a call the following Tuesday to say that my trays had arrived and everything was ready to go. The process is fairly simple.
You half fill each tooth grove with the gel bleach and place the trays in for 30 minutes twice a day for 7-9 days depending on how white you want them to be. Then presto, a new set of pearly whites.

This photograph was taken four days prior to beginning the whitening treatment. 

This is after day one of whitening. 

This was after day three of whitening.

Overall I am not only satisfied with my progress in the jaw world, I am satisfied with my progress in all areas of my world. People have asked me a lot over the past year how my life has changed so much which has got me thinking about what created that change. I can certainly pinpoint the day my life began to change and that was 11th of March 2013, the day the surgeon put me to sleep and broke my jaw. However within days other major life changes occurred. I realize now that it was not those particular changes that created the life I live today it was my resilience to these changes. We may think we are strong but it is not until we are challenged with reaching low places that we can truly see and appreciate that strength. I have created a list with my philosophy for a happy life that has developed over the past twelve months, these are what worked for me, they will be different for everybody however you won't find yours until you really try. 

  1. Sometimes you have to put yourself first and That. Is. Okay. 
  2. A Positive Mind is essential. I realize it is not always realistic to strip all negativity from your life and if that is the case just be sure to nurture the positive. 
  3. Appreciate the people around you, the ones who lift you up when you're feeling down, they are invaluable, cherish them, be thankful for them and never ever take them for granted. 
  4. If you are fortunate enough to have opportunities open to you, Take Them.. All of Them. 
  5. Finally, See Beauty in Everything & Always Appreciate the Little things in Life.
Thank you fellow bloggers for taking this journey with me, thank you readers for making my blog worth while and to those of you about to take your own journey always remember to Stay Strong x 


  1. Congratulations! It's lovely getting to the year post-op mark isn't it? I can't quite believe how fast it has gone! :) You look amazing! xx